Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day four Off to Chiang Mai InterHash

We rose early to drive up to Chiang Mai, stopping along the route at a number of heritage sites. We decided that we'd be late in joining the Red Dress Run later that day, so we enjoyed the ride and scenery along the route. We visited the Sukhothai temples we viewed the night before in the dark and couldn't fully appreciate this grand place. We then later stopped on route and had lunch at a roadside noodle stand along the river. We stopped in to view one of the oldest and best kept Wat, the Pratartlampangluang Temple.
We arrived in Chiang Mai in late afternoon, and decided to register for IH before checking into our hotel. We ran into a few old friends among the 6000+, including Watergate, but didn't have time to talk much at the moment, and didn't bump into here for the rest of IH. We had a couple beers while opening the backpack and T's we received, before going to the hotel, showering and off to tour the town. We rode a tuk tuk out to the street market for some shopping and dinner, followed by touring the city before slowly heading back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

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