Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day seven InterHash Sunday

We rose early again, none the worse for the late night before, and had our breakfast at our favorite noodle shop. Some wanted to go shopping before the hash and joined Tinker and Short Shorts on the van. I walked along the river and back alleys to see a quieter way of life, away from the hustle of the main streets. We met again at noon for the ride to the stadium and on to the Sunday run. Oozing, Dry Foot, Hoover, me and most of the Happy Valley H3 joined us on #20, as it promised great trails through rice paddies and rubber plantations, a river crossing, and a sunset view from a mountain top. Unfortunately marketing doesn't always deliver, as there was no river crossing, but we were to end atop a mountain at a Wat with a thousand steps. Fuwangii took another and joined Mr Rogers as he was a co-hare on an evidently less popular run.
At the second check I found myself far off left of the pack as they called OnOn, but continued up a ridge line as it looked like it might join with the pack further up the mountain. I was with a hasher from Bangladesh, Rent Boy (I think), and we continue on until we saw the pack leaving the ridge line in the opposite direction. Thinking we could still shortcut, we persisted until eventually we were bushwhacking on a very steep cliff, in high grass with bamboo falling sideways down the valley. It became real scary so I grabbed an 8 foot piece of bamboo to check the footing before taking each step as we ventured into the grass. It would have been a simple slide down hundreds of feet to the bottom, and I'm sure we wouldn't have come out of it in good shape.
Finding some intelligence, we backtrack downhill and finally found a lesser grade, this led to a hillside farm. The locals pointed the way to the Wat and we eventually found trail again. At the road to the Wat, one of the hares asked us to sweep as we were last and asked if we had seen Tinker. Seems he'd been out but hadn't been seen in some time and not heard from. We continued up the steep road to the Wat where we bumped into Swamp Bitch and Oozing. Then we all went down the 1000 steps to the OnOn. Tinker finally did arrive, not looking to good, but surviving and then it was more beers and the circle. Tinker was suppose to be a GM for the circle, but didn't have the strength or voice for it. Others jumped in to cover and the DD's and antics carried on for some time. Then it was off to the stadium for food, beer, skits and closing ceremony.

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