Friday, November 10, 2006

Day twelve Ko Samet

It was still dark out as we managed to gather at 5am for our journey south to Ko Samet. We needed to catch the ferry by 10 or we'd have to take a later one that would drop us off on the wrong side of the island. The ride out was about an hour. All of us enjoyed the sunshine and gentle hum of the motor as we made our way away from the hustle to the beach. We arrived at our destination, and they brought a small landing vehicle out to pick us up, as there was not dock, the boat anchored just off from land. We checked in and found our 6 person guest house on the beach was just fine with the boys, while Julie, Tinker, and SS had private accommodations.
The water was warm, the beer cold and we enjoyed some down down time. I had spied a catamaran as we traveled the coast, so along Oozing, Dry Foot, Fuwangii and I we walked north to the other end of the island. The coast was littered with small villages and guest houses, with a bar splattered here and there until we got to the large beach. Here we found a number of bars, Jet Ski and boat rentals, but no wind. We enjoyed a few beers, and then made our way back to our resort.
At sunset we walked along the rocky coast to sunset hill, nearly tripping on the jagged rocks as the dusk turned into night and all arrived back at the beach for some late night singing in the water. Life is good.

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