Friday, November 10, 2006

Day thirteen back to Bangkok

We gathered for breakfast and packed our things to catch the ferry at 11. Reluctantly, we jumped into a truck that took us from the Sametville Resort to ferry back to Baan Pe on the mainland. We met the van and traveled to Bangkok arriving just before the scheduled start of the Bangkok H3/RIH3 inaugural Hash at Wat Chiang Sing.
Bangkok was just being inundated by the flooding from the north and many of the small canals were overflowing. We met at a restaurant on the other side of the river from the Wat, and had a couple beers waiting for the pack to arrive. The Hare arrived, wet to the thighs, saying that the only water he encountered while setting trail was at the very end. We hopped into a fast boat and made our way along the canals out to the river and ending at another Wat to start the hash.
We were not on trail for more than a minute, when the road we were running on was under more than 6 inches of water, and rising. The trail went through small villages, rice paddies, and farms, and before we knew it, it was dark. It was most interesting when we were running along boards strung over the water, in the dark. We didn't have torches and were running on streets with water over our knees, and still rising. The Hare had pity on us, and gave us a shortcut after some of us got turned around in the dark rubber plantation and rice paddy, where Fuwangii fell on his face, tripping over a bamboo.
We continued on street for about another mile, and eventually ended at the Wat with water up to our crotch. Finally we all made it back in and a circle ensued. Down-downs were given to the Hare, visitors from Scotland, and numerous offenses committed. Then souvenir T-shirts were given out, and we retired to dinner on the river.
An old women selling from a boat passing by, gave us some fireworks that were shot across the river. It was a great time and all too soon we started back to the busy city of Bangkok.

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