Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Day five Thinking Drinking Hash House Harriers trail

Friday found us waking in Chiang Mai and walking to a quiet noodle shop for breakfast. Then I had a leisurely stroll with Tinker, as my personal guide through the back alleys to visit a few temples. At one, Tinker decided he'd wait outside as I went in I noticed a large number of people praying. I felt as if I was intruding and that I'd stepped into some private ceremony. An old woman was kneeling before Buddha as I placed an offering. She touched my arm and said I was welcome to join her in meditation. I explained that I had someone waiting outside and thanked her for the offer. Short Shorts later said that was a good sign. I like good signs.
We made it back for the van ride to the busses and were off to the Thinking Drinking H3 Trail. We were dropped off at a university pretty far out in the county, and we all grabbed some water for the run. The day was super hot and humid, as trail started out crossing a couple small streams then headed uphill through thick brush and narrow trails. Not many were running as for most of the start of the trail we were in queue, until we found our way back downhill and to the road around some rice paddies. We crossed a farm that had some surprised cows crowding us and then crossing a paddy, and eventually making our way back to the university, where the circle began.
The hares were invited in for down-downs as well a few others for various reasons. Then Tinker was invited in and he showed the ladies how to get out of a bra, before getting his DD. Then all the ladies were given their T-shirt and invited to put them on. This was followed by the guys getting their shirts, along with some abuse from the ladies. Hoover soaked Tinkers sock in beer and had an easy time slapping Dry Foot Fuwangii and me with it. Good fun and beer and food followed, before driving back to the arena.
The evening's event was a huge welcome party at the Soccer Stadium, complete with elephants, cultural events, and plenty of food and beer. The event lasted well into the night and each of us made our way back to the hotel for a good nights rest. This was going to be a very busy weekend of events.

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