Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day six InterHash Saturday

There was to be 22 run sites, each day, of which there were a couple of distances to choose from. We decided to join the Bangkok H3 on their medium length, and would find that just long enough. After a leisurely breakfast and quick tour of the city, we made our way over to the pick-up site. This run was popular and finding room on one of buses was difficult. The drive to the start was about an hour and dropped us off at a crossroad. Hares pointed the out trail after a short explanation of marks, and we were off. The trail was a fun, but longer than expected and quite high with temperatures hovering around 90. Breathing was difficult at times after running uphill through the bamboo and rubber trees, but I got lucky and found myself with about 6 others who had gone left at a check and continued on down a small road to join the trail again. We were well in front of the pack, from this shortcut, until we hit a check that had us going deep into a ravine that went nowhere. The guy in front of me ducked under a branch and found another one just at his forehead. There was blood gushing everywhere. At first I thought he got it in the eye, but luckily it just punctured his skin. After applying some pressure, to stop the bleeding, we started back to the check and the pack. The trail ended at a recreation area on a lake where cold beer and crap sandwiches were waiting.
The circle was great, with a lot of different GM's taking control, finally ending with Noretaga abusing as many as he'd like. Tinker was invited in to run the activities and brought the RIH3 into the circle. We sang Pubic Hairs to the ladies in fine fashion and were applauded for our part. The buses took us back to the stadium where plenty of food and beer awaited. It was also the start of the skits, so we grabbed some food and drink and sat down before the stage. Some were lame and others less so, but the best was the Camel Toe. Good time had by all.

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