Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day Three the Train Rumble Hash

We started out for our meeting with the train rumble arriving today from Singapore to Chiang Mai, at Sukhothai. The rivers were still swollen and caused us to divert around them, causing us concern about missing the run. Our driver Ooo found a short cut and made up the time. We arrived about 15 minutes before the train arrived, and long enough for a beer and a stretch of our legs.
The train was enormous, with a birth car every other, that seemed to carry on down the tracks for about a half mile. The hashers seem to be weary of the journey, as they've been on the road for well over a week, and according to reports, there had been problems with timing arrival at the events.
The governor had a large group of his folks, complete with band and kids giving out gifts. We quickly got on the buses and head out to our run site. We rode with Enos, who was as always entertaining and we had lots of singing along the route.
The trail ran along old ruins, back roads, a lake and rice paddies, and a farm complete with cows chasing us, and ending at night at the historic Sukhothai heritage site. They had dinner waiting for us on mats, as we watched a great show, by what must have been most of the townspeople. They were in typical Thai costume and the story told of the history of this once capital of northern Thailand. The mayor gave a speech and was given a down-down, along with the hares and GM's. It ended with hundreds of lanterns floating off in formation, first going left, then catching winds aloft and traveling right, as if traversing up a mountain. Great food and entertainment by these gracious people, then it was off to our Thai Village Resort for the night.

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